Friday, October 20, 2017
performances at 8


Virtually Real is an event created by artists Nicole Ruggiero and Terrell Davis that bridges the gap between virtual reality and fine art. Being an eclectic mix of works from artists of all different ages and countries, the show presents a fresh and exciting look at the future of art as presented by artists who make work influenced by the internet or who heavily present online. Artists from around the world were invited to craft their own virtual reality, interactive art, 360 experience, and games to give a voice to their own online perspectives from places like NYC, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

Virtually Real will also feature performances from talented electronic musicians and VR artists like Qualiatik (NYC), Virgo (Miami), and Hercules Kenya (Atlanta). Each artist brings their own digital talents including live vocal performances, a new EP performance with VR accompaniment, and live, in-person, digital mixing INSIDE of VR!

Virtual Reality, Interactive Art,
360 Experiences, and Games by:

— Nicole Ruggiero & Jeremy McKeheen, Michelle Cortese,
Prashast Thapan, Calvin Pia

— Terrell Davis

— Molly Soda & Aquama

— Julian Glander & Jeron Braxon

— Ruby Gloom & Luis Roga

— Joshua Keeney

— Mark Sabb

— Orson Roland

— Prash Thapan & Yung Costonza

— Anatasia Alpha & Vladimir Storm

— Violeta Forest

— Hannah Schilsky & Dr. Doppler, Riley Schmitz, Galen Bremer

— Emma Stern

The night will start at 7 PM and end at 10PM.Tickets are $15. Drinks will be sold within the venue. We look forward to having you!

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VR World NYC is the largest Virtual Reality Entertainment Center in North America.  We present to the public the best of virtual, augmented and mixed reality spanning across all genres from gaming to visual arts, short film, documentary, music, social and environmental impact. Our goal is to totally change your life… at least when you’re in our world. 

$15 at the door

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