September 25, 2018
September 25, 2018 Tommy Goodkin

By VR World

Though the limitations of VR technology can be seen as a hindrance for most game developers, the best content on market uses these limitations to their advantage. Superhot is far from being the most thoroughly developed game in terms of realistic design, revolutionary mechanics, or length of gameplay. With all of these perceived shortcomings, however, the game has received no shortage of praise with many critics calling it the best VR game of 2017.

The faceless characters and minimalist landscapes of the game use the graphical limitations of the technology as a stylistic advantage, while other game developers labor over getting the light reflecting off of the dew-covered grass just right. The results are, perhaps counterintuitively, the most immersive VR game available. By forgoing the real and instead emphasizing the idea of a closed and coherent imagined world, Superhot never presents an opportunity for the player to recognize a glitch that undermines the realism of the environment presented.