Moveo is a revolutionary full motion and 360 degree free rotation virtual reality simulator. Move through 3D Worlds, fly through space, and feel the gravitational pull of nearby objects as you connect what you are feeling and seeing in whole new ways. Experience the incredible excitement of this fantastic physical / virtual collision.

PAST EXPERIENCE: Halloween 2017 - Dark Corner Studios

A pioneer in immersive VR Terror, Dark Corner Studios brings three horror installations to be experienced in one emotional setting: Catatonic, Mule, and Burlap. Catatonic will see attendees strapped to a wheelchair, while Mule is experienced in a coffin. A creepy short Burlap completes the dark masterpiece. Rated: NC-17.

A person in a prop hospital bed being tended to by a spooky nurse for the Flatline experience

PAST EXPERIENCE: Halloween 2017 - Flatline Emergency

‘Flatline Emergency Room’: a 7 minute immersive virtual reality theatre experience, where YOU the audience have a near-death experience, go to the Other Side and come back, irreversibly changed. The experience blends immersive theatre, production design and state-of-the-art virtual reality on the HTC VIVE  to deliver a one-of-a-kind Haloween entertainment experience. Rated NC-17.

Where Thoughts Go - Discover the Hopes, Dreams, and Fears of the World

Where Thoughts Go is the first of its kind: an intimate social VR experience where human thoughts exist as sleeping creatures, each holding a message left behind by another player that was there before them. Crawl into a full-size blanket fort, put on a headset and immerse yourself in this dreamy universe where you explore the personal stories of those before you. What will you discover and what you will you choose to leave behind? 


SIMUL8 is NYC’s first regular immersive sensory event that merges electronic music and emerging visual technology. Celebrate our digital reality with two floors of VR bays and true underground deep house music. Hosting resident DJ from Talon&Claw, BRAYDEN VLACK, for an extended set.

PAST EXPERIENCE: Neurable - January, 2017

Neurable is offering a first look at a product that is without precedent in modern tech: the world’s first mind controlled VR game. In this strange sci-fi game you will be able to select objects with your brain alone. We may be a long way from the time where your body is the controller, but Neurable is the next closest thing.

PAST EXPERIENCE: A Place Where Storytelling and Journalism Meet...

Journalism 360 is a unique experience that focuses on immersion-based experiences that implement journalism to their content. With an emphasis on storytelling, Journalism 360 has worked to create content in 360 video, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.



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