Experience Complete VR Immersion in Space

After traveling across the nation in 2017, the first Moveo unit to arrive in New York City is now open to the public at VRWorld!


Exclusive to VR World NYC,  MOVEO is the first free rotation VR simulator, harnessing cutting edge technology to create a truly immersive experience. The simulator is the first of its kind to use independent three axis rotation, connecting the human experience with a responsive audial, visual and physical environment.

It is a revolutionary full motion and 360 degree free-rotation virtual reality simulator that projects users through fully immersive 3D worlds, flying them through space, while they experience the gravitational pull of objects nearby.

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Available for purchase at the door. Also, get the best of the latest VR technology by combining with either a 2- hour or a full day admission to VR World.


What would you do in a world without limits? Seamlessly connecting between the mind, the body, and advanced Virtual Reality technology, Moveo blurs the line between reality and imagination by creating a realistic flight simulation user-controlled experience. You are now a pilot in charge of your spacecraft and your own destiny… until things go awry.

By adding responsive gravitational and physical forces to the audio-visual affects of Virtual Reality, Moveo transports the user into a world where anything is possible.

Height Restriction:  52 in. and over

4 East 34 Street

New York, NY 10016

7 Days

Sun – Mon 12 – 8pm
Tue – Sat 12-10pm