Starting November 1, 2017



  • INTRODUCTION TO VR: Students are given an introduction to virtual reality and augmented reality technology with a STEAM-centric workshop. The hardware and software is explored hands-on. The artistic side of VR development, as well as the open source tools used in creative emerging tech, are presented and discussed.

  • EXPLORE VR: As part of the STEAM journey, students will explore the universe in 360 VR. They travel to the moon and beyond and learn as they navigate in immersive space. The students will also explore art works from unique immersive views and the world through creative as well as scientific and mathematic perspectives.

  • PLAY VR: Our stations will also prompt students to virtually explore earth, down to the neighborhoods and landmarks they have never seen before.

  • SHARE:


  • CREATE: As part of their journey, students collaborate in an introductory composition where they paint using virtual reality in one of our most popular experiences.
  • BUILD: Solidifying the engineering and math aspects of the STEAM workshop, students work within a creative building environment, creating 3D models, while sharing and walking within their imaginative 3D creations.
  • CONCLUSION: The instructor and guide will discuss the experiences with students and what they discovered.


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New York, NY 10016

7 Days

Sun – Mon 12 – 8pm
Tue – Sat 12-10pm