• Admission: 9+ until 5pm. After 7pm, 21+ only.

What is Virtual Reality?

Be ready for a life-changing experience! With the help of computer technology, VR-short for virtual reality is an immersive experience in which users are teleported into a 3D world. The senses of hearing, touch, and vision are stimulated in the interactive world. The users’ actions guide every single movement that is tracked- in which the graphics react accordingly.

Does the entire venue open at once?

All except the club level which opens 1 hour after opening and closes 1 hour before closing.

Do you have a reservation system?

We do not have a reservation system. Entry into VR World is first-come, first serve.

Are all VR experiences included in the General Admission Pass?

No.  Flying Jet, Escape the Lost Pyramid, and Arizona Sunshine are add-on features with an additional cost. These experiences are subject to availability. In-store purchase only.

Do children require a chaperone?

Yes, any child 9-14 years old must have a chaperone who is 18+ years of age.

How is VR World different?

VR World is North America’s largest entertainment destination with over 50 immersive VR experiences ranging from art and film to gaming. VR World is known for social entertainment where thousands of guests play, create, and explore together. We like to say we offer fun like never before!

Should I be nervous?

Not at all, VR is extremely immersive and fun! We have highly trained VR Instructors located at each experience who are truly passionate about what they do, which makes for an easy and entertaining time. They will explain the content, set you up with the equipment, and cheer you on while you’re in play. Just let go and have a blast!

How long is each VR experience?

It depends on the experience, but each should last between 5-10 minutes.

What are the most popular experiences?

Are you afraid of heights? Try walking across a plank that sits 480 feet high above the ground, then dare walk to the end in Richie’s Plank! Or, survive amid a zombie apocalypse in Arizona Sunshine. Why not unleash your creativity in 3D as the room is your canvas in Tilt Brush? There is no such thing as the most popular experience when it comes to VR- it solely depends on your personal interest.

Are there age, height or weight requirements?

Certain experiences (Flying Jet, Project Cars) and other VR experiences are restricted to max. 220 lbs. weight and at least 5’2 tall. All guests must be 9+ years old to enter VR World. Cutoff for tickets with child in a group is 5:00 pm. At 7:00 pm daily all guests must be 21+ years of age. Unfortunately, anyone under 21 after 7:00 pm will not be permitted to enter. Sorry kiddos!

Does everyone need to pay to enter, including chaperones?

VR World is like any other museum or entertainment attraction; every individual must purchase an admission pass to enter, even if they decide not to participate in the VR experiences.

How do I get to VR World?

VR World is located at 8 East 34 St. New York, NY 10016, steps from the Empire State Building. Take subway lines B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, W to Herald Square or line 6 to 33 Street Station.

What is the difference between the 2 Hour Pass and All Day?

The 2 Hour Pass allows you to have 2 hours of access to roam freely and discover any VR experience you like. The All-Day Pass allows you unlimited time in the space with the ability to enter and exit as many times as you like. Many guests choose The All-Day pass for flexibility, especially on busy weekends.

What are your payment methods?

VR World is cashless! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Can tickets be purchased at the door?

Yes! Tickets can be purchased at our self-service kiosks upon entry.

When do my tickets expire?

Tickets expire after 30 days from purchase date. There are no refunds for unused tickets.

What is the size of the venue?

Guests are always surprised by the size of our space! VR World has 3 levels and is approximately 12,000 square feet of pure fun.

Do you host private events?

This is our specialty! We cater to corporate parties, team building, launch events, kids and adult birthday parties or anything in-between. Contact our events department by filling out the Event Request Form.

Do you have food or drinks?

We do not have food but offer a full-service bar. Grab a drink from our curated cocktail menu that will enhance your senses while playing VR.

Do you provide storage for my belongings?

We do not have storage lockers. However, we offer a self-service coat rack to use at your own risk.

What are your social media accounts?

Be sure to follow and like us on Instagram/Facebook/ Snapchat/Twitter/TikTok

What do you recommend I wear?

Dress fashionably light for comfort. These experiences are interactive and will get you moving! Travel only with the necessities in a small bag that you don’t mind keeping on you while you play.

Can I wear my glasses while in the headset?

Yes! The headsets fit very comfortably for guests to keep eyewear on

Can I order takeout and bring drinks with me?

No outside food or drinks are permitted at VR World due to highly sophisticated electronics and regulations.