If I Ride VR Workshop

VR World, in collaboration with Play Lab welcomes kids ages 4-12 to create their own virtual reality experience.

The “If I Ride” VR workshop makes it possible for children to bike through art they created with their own hands in a virtual reality environment. Kids can see their artwork come to life before their eyes! Combining the joy and tactility of hands-on making with the digital wonder of Virtual Reality, this workshop guides participants through a fun-filled craft session. With an engaging, mixed media experience, the workshop seeks to bridge physical activity and digital creativity.

ConceptsChildren learn through a VR bike trip, rather than studying through books.
Kids can physically move while they are learning.
 Instead of a computer-generated 3D VR environment, children build their own 3D environments with VR and their imaginations.
Children revisit what they learned through an art-making session.
The workshop combines an everyday activity with a cutting-edge technology: a bike ride with VR.

How the workshop works

  • Participants are prompted to collaborate and create their own world by drawing and making clay figures. They are given a “travel guide” for inspiration.
  • While workshop facilitators scan their art and prepare their VR experience, participants decorate their cardboard VR goggles.
  • Participants put on their VR goggles and sit on the VR bike. Through the goggles,they see that they are biking inside of the world they all created.
  • Participants pedal the bike to move through their world, as well as the virtual environment created by the other participants.
  • At the end of the workshop, each participant gets to take as souvenirs their clay figures and decorated cardboard VR goggle.

About Play Lab: Play Lab delivers magical learning experiences for children with emerging digital technologies, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).We believe technology can be designed to be healthy and fun. As children spend more and more time with digital products, we are re-designing digital experiences that truly benefit children’s cognitive development. We want to be a part of creating a mixed reality future in which children are physically active, communicating with others, sharing intimate emotions, and learning through hand-on experiences. In this digital age, we are excited to empower children as they interact with technology. Play Lab designs magical learning experiences with the power of the latest in computer science. Join us in creating the future of products and services that bring positive impact to young children.

Cost: 35 per child

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