Hybrid work environment turns VR World into a hotspot to meet, showcase and celebrate.  

Frequently referred to as Metaverse IRL,  VR World® NYC, the largest and longest operating mixed reality club in North and South America, announced a 200% increase in its revenue from corporate clients.  

Founded in 2017, VR WORLD® NYC pioneered immersive entertainment with over 30 virtual reality single and multiplayer experiences in a club-like setting across three floors plus a full bar. 

The changing office environment with many employers supporting a hybrid work week created new demand for location based entertainment business from corporate clients looking to bring their teams together for workshops, corporate events and team building activities.

VR World  business strategy relies on multiple revenue streams including daily admissions, corporate events, nightlife and F&B operations. While New York City, retail in particular, is taking a long road to recovery, the company  has seen a healthy pick up in business from names like Deloitte, Crowdstrike, Inditex, Blackstone, Google, Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs and multiple other Fortune 500 clients. 

Leo Tsimmer, CEO and Co-Founder,  said: “The other significant trend comes from the guests who identify VR World as a unique destination for date nights and friend groups. Both help mitigate the ongoing recovery and loss of retail foot traffic. Virtual reality is revolutionizing how humanity experiences the world. While metaverse can feel somewhat raw and plutonian, VR World fuses the new virtual worlds with physical reality to produce a new kind of entertainment offering the cutting-edge medium with a human touch. The recent uptick in the events and groups department signifies an ever growing appeal of VR World’s metaverse IRL format with GenZ and Millennials.” 


US Exclusive: VR World NYC presents VARJO Aero. Experience virtual reality like never before.

Want to experience the best visual fidelity VR available for consumers in the US? For the rest of 2022, VR World® NYC will be the exclusive virtual reality club using Varjo Aero in the United States.


VR World is the largest mixed reality club in the United States and South America. Frequently referred to as the metaverse IRL, VR World showcases the best of VR gaming, film and art in a club-like setting with more than 30 different, unique experiences. Now, with the help of the Varjo Aero headset, a visit to VR World NYC will be even more immersive than ever before. Guests get to experience content specifically created for VR World called THE END by Zero Trace Operative with the Varjo Aero headset for the highest-fidelity virtual reality experience.

Thanks to this collaboration, the highest-end VR available for all users becomes more accessible than ever before, offering VR aficionados and curious new users alike an easy way to experience industry-leading visual clarity. Consumers interested in purchasing the Varjo Aero, now have a perfect chance to test out the product for themselves.

As a leading immersive entertainment venue hosting the public, major brands and corporate clients, the Varjo Aero was a natural choice for VR World NYC.

The Future is Bright for Immersive Entertainment

Immersive entertainment is a rapidly growing industry. VR arcades and other venues are being launched at an increasing pace to offer customers experiences never seen before in fields like gaming, movies, art, and much more. Virtual reality is also seeing increasing adoption in more traditional places such as museums.

The highest-end VR headsets like Varjo Aero are a great choice for VR arcades and other immersive entertainment venues where the usage-rate of devices is high, making fixed costs of the device less critical.

People crave immersive virtual experiences that can offer them the highest visual fidelity. This applies both to VR enthusiasts and people curious about VR who would be unwilling to commit to buying a high-performance PC and a high-end headset for personal use. As competition in immersive entertainment grows, it is important to stand out from the crowd right from the start, and the perfect way to do this is by offering a better, more immersive experience than your competitors. Once visitors get to experience it for themselves, it will be hard for a customer to go back to a lower quality alternative, so it is also likely to further encourage repeat visits. This is why VR World NYC chose to make Varjo Aero a part of their offering. 

“Varjo Aero allows our guests to experience VR with a level of visual clarity and detail they’ve never seen before and offer them a truly unforgettable immersive experience.” – Melissa Heslip, General Manager at VR World NYC


Varjo Aero is a Great Fit for VR Arcades

When different people use VR headsets, there can be many challenges in terms of hygiene, ergonomics and comfort. Varjo Aero has extremely advanced ergonomics, and the headset is easy to adjust to any head size and shape, so any VR arcade visitor can be immersed in comfort. The headset is easy to clean and sanitize, and the face cushions can easily be swapped when needed. Varjo Aero is also extremely durable and made with premium materials, making it a great fit for high-volume use cases like VR arcades.

Different people also have an extremely different distance between their eyes so the IPD (inter-pupillary distance) needs to be adjusted for each user so they do not experience simulator sickness and can see the best possible visual quality. While this can be very difficult to do manually, especially for people inexperienced with VR, Varjo Aero adjusts the IPD automatically for each user. With Aero, no manual adjustment is needed and every single person can experience its best-in-class visual clarity easily, without any cyber sickness, even if they are experiencing VR for the first time in their life.

If you are interested in immersive experience with Varjo Aero, visit VR World. You can also get in touch with Varjo team.

A Look Inside Events at VR World


Summer 2022 once again marked VR World as the most sought-after New York events venue for the 21st century mindset. Immersive beyond the expected projection visuals and lighting de-rigueur, VR World’s VR and AR capabilities, esports level connectivity, cutting edge infrastructure and hot night club looks have sealed its place as the top choice for new age talent and digital art becoming the mecca for crypto and NFT communities, technology, media and finance companies. Here’s a short trip down NFT NYC 2022 memory lane and some other private celebrations that will be talked about for days to come.

With 10,000 square feet on three levels, two bars, cutting edge tech and a seriously cool vibe, no other club or events venue comes close to what our team has to offer. VR World. It’s Metaverse IRL!

To schedule a private tour and discuss your next event with our super team click the blue button below, call 646.515.0868 or email [email protected]

VR World is the top choice for events by NFT and Crypto communities
VR WORLD NYC private events

From private rooms for groups of 20 to 60 to venue buyouts for 575 guests, our outrageously talented staff will work with you on creating your next spectacular. We pride ourselves on giving every event its own look and feel. With custom branding, dozens of VR experiences, club sound, bespoke food and drink packages we will take your event in any direction you wish. From classy to crazy.

Nightlife at VR World NYC
VR World is taking events to the next level

VR World’s tech capabilities range from customized virtual reality and branded projection mapping visuals to the best DJ club sound. With several dozen of virtual reality experiences, live streaming and virtual portal o bring people from across the world into event in real time, you event will be talked about for months to come. “Play, Drink, Party,” it’s more than just a motto at VR World. It’s a promise!

Fun events and shows at VR World NYC
Booking info for events at VRWorld
Server Room is the bar and lounge at VR World NYC
What So Not and Lucille Croft partying at VR World NYC


13, 16, 21, 30 or 99. No matter the age, no matter the cause for celebration. A birthday, bar mitzvah, or another milestone, VR World Party will have your guests on notice – you are a cutting-edge-chic-forever-young human being.

 Birthdays at VR World NYC
People having fun at VR World NYC
Top level DJs and performers at VR World


From Sweet 16 to corporate celebrations at VR World NYC
Sophisticated bar packages and bottle service available at VR World
connect to VR World event planners
Connect to vrworldnyc.com

12 Date Night Ideas if You Are in New York City

Living in a New York City is not for everyone. But those who appreciate the unique things in life thrive in the metropolis. You get to enjoy meeting the world of interesting people, walk everywhere you need to go and get some adventure out of life rather than living in the country. Very few things can compare to stepping outside to for a fresh cup of coffee in a neighborhood. Only New Yorkers would understand.

But if there’s one downfall for a new comer to a big city, it’s dating. Finding your special someone or taking your new significant other out and about for a date night isn’t always so easy when there are so many choices from bars and restaurants to myriad of entertainment options.

Finding something to do in the evenings doesn’t have to be confusing. Take VR World – there are plenty of cute date ideas that you and your love can enjoy and look forward to every week.

Searching for the best date ideas at VR World? Here are 12 options to consider that can be fun for the first date up until you are in a long-term relationship.

  1. Get a 2-hour pass to VR World

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned gamer or you don’t remember the last time you played video games! This is a fun and delicious way to show off – or brush up on – your gamer skills and create a unique date night for the two of you to enjoy.

You can find role playing VR experiences, multiplayer shooters, escape games. Get a cocktail at the bar and enjoy the action with your date.

  1. Try the Classic Cocktails and a Movie

You don’t always have to think outside of the box when it comes to planning date night ideas. The classic cocktail and a movie date is the perfect option for someone who values a traditional date with their loved one. Take your date to Server Room Bar on the Main Level at VR World and then then check out the latest VR films and VR movies on the Mezzanine.

If you really want to mix things up, find the Vault that features rotating exhibits of NFT art. This can make for quite the interesting date and can turn into a fun story to share with friends.

  1. Take a Day Trip to VR World

Is there anything quite like taking a day for a virtual reality adventure? If you’re looking for a big date night idea that involves showing off multiple skills, get a Day Pass with your significant other. The visit can be as long-winded as you’d like; make it simple starting with the Main Level more basic experiences from mini gold to painting n VR, get down to the Club Level for some action packed fun, check out the Mezzanine for film and art, or hang around the Server Room Bar for some fun people watching and good conversations.

  1. Challenge Each Other in a Game of Mini Golf

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Take your date to Walkabout Mini Golf for a round. Find the experience on the Mail Level at VR World, and don’t forget about the bar – treat the winner to a drink and give a consolation prize to the looser when the game is over.

  1. Go to an Arcade 21 Century Style

Do you consider you and your loved one to be young at heart? There’s something so nostalgic about visiting an arcade, and it’s another ideal place for friendly competition! Hit up the racing rigs, challenge each other to an archery battle, or go for a boxing match with your date.

  1. Arrange a Double Date at VR World

Sometimes, going on a date with a group of people takes some of the attention off of you and it becomes less intimidating. If you’re feeling nervous about taking your special someone out on a date but you still want to see them, consider setting up a double date. Find a close friend with a significant other who has similar interests as the two of you. You can plan something as simple as a matinee 2-hour visit or something more intimate like cocktails plus VR. The options are endless!

  1. Check Out the Shooting Games

Whether you consider yourself skillful with a gun or you’ve never been shooting before, a trip to VR World can make for a great date (so long as your significant other is into it!) Most places require a reservation for a spot, but at VR World there are several excellent shooting games, where you can show it off or challenge your date.

  1. Make a Dinner Together

Getting your hands dirty in the kitchen with your loved one offers the perfect bonding moment no matter your skills. Instead of taking the traditional route, try Job Simulator on the Main Level, where you will work as a trainee supervised by robots. And, if you want to get a bit messier, check Cook Out: A Sandwich Tale, a whacky and whimsical adventure that challenges players to work together for a hungry cast of enchanted creatures.

  1. Go for Cocktails

If you’re looking for a simple way to put the nerves at ease and enjoy a delicious drink or two in the meantime, go straight to Server Room Bar on the Main Level! The menu with Japanese and Italian influences will surprise you and your date in most unexpected ways.

This is the perfect date night option because you and your loved one can share several cocktails to try and do other things at VR World.

  1. Go for a Snowball Fight

A Snowball Fight might seem like the perfect winter date, but it can be enjoyed in the warmer months as well! Check with VR World concierge in advance if the Snow Fortress is available and relive your childhood by playing with or against your date from getting trashed by an army of snowmen.  If you find out the experience is not available, save this one for later in the season. It is worth the wait!

  1. Walk the Plank

Another simple and exhilarating option to start your VR World date is Walk The Pank! A perfect experience that you and your significant other will find challenging, fun and scary at the same time. Screaming is allowed and laughing is a must when you are challenged to walk the plank hanging off the roof of a skyrise.

If you or your date bring another friend, consider a competition! Walking the Plank is for sure going to leave your speechless, but some guests at VR World even used it to make a proposal to their loved one!

  1. Check out VR World Last Hour Before Close

Searching for a cheap date night option? A little hidden secret many don’t know is a lower price option for walk ins 60 minutes before close. This is a great option for a date when you’re looking for something new to do! Get a drink, try a couple of VR experiences, which will give you more reasons to come back for a longer visit the next time!

Find Your Perfect Match Today

They say there are plenty of fish in the ocean, but what if the ocean is too big?

Finding “the one” in New York City can be difficult. We consider VR World NYC one of the best places for dating and even finding your match. New Yorkers know it! So, come visit to meet new people and bring your date to a unique adventure!