VR World Presents Original Art Content on the Mezzanine Level


Emerging Media Exhibitions & Events

Julius Horsthuis

Fractal Environments


Julius Horsthuis (Amsterdam, 1980) is a Visual Artist and Visual Effects Designer. Julius developed a love for film and video at the age of 12. After high school, he worked on various film sets as sound recordist, clapper loader and focus puller in the years 2000 to 2006. Baantjer (2000-2003), Koppels (2006). He also finished a one-year video study in the Open Studio (2003). Meanwhile, Julius had developed interest in computer graphics. He worked for several years for different (post) production companies, Revolver (2004-2005) Carbon (2006-2010) and Hectic Electric (2010-present).

In 2013, Julius started experimenting with Fractal Environments, creating a unique blend between abstract and cinematic animation. His work quickly gained worldwide recognition, being posted regularly in blogs and news sites such as The Creators Project, Gizmodo, Newsweek and the Vimeo Staff Picks.

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For various high-profile projects, Julius collaborated with other visual artists, such as Android Jones (Samskara), Esteban Diácono, and Beeple (Coachella Antarctic). Musical collaborations include Odesza, Meshuggah, Tigran Hamasyan and Birds of Paradise. Also, his visuals have been used in live shows by Empire of the Sun, and the recently deceased Avicii. Festival exhibitions include the Geneva International Film Festival, Art Futura Festival, MIRA Digital Arts Festival, SAT symposium Montréal, Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Ruhrtriennale, and many more.

Julius’s work will be on display on the first floor at VR World from September 1st to November.



Video Art


FELT is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective. Its IRL and URL experiences examine digital activism, hip hop culture, race, gender, and class. Since the start of FELT in 2011, the collective has grown from a small group of like-minded creatives to an international movement recognized by world-class institutions. Mark Sabb, aka Mark Digital, is an internet artist, digital curator, founder of FELT Zine, and the Director of Marketing at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. Mark’s work focuses on themes related to contemporary culture, global politics, and technology; earning him features in Paper Magazine, Hypebeast, Vice’s The Creator’s Project, Nylon Magazine, and more. Additional artists included in this piece are: Thomas McMahan, an experimental filmmaker and two time Emmy nominated animator based in Los Angeles; and IAMIAMLIAM (Liam Bosecke), a 22-year-old university student hailing from Adelaide, Australia. IAMIAMLIAM is a member of the global art collective VAGUE WORLDWIDE.

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The Felt Zine work will be on display on the first floor at VR World from September 1st to November.


Team Rolfes

Immersive digital performance pieces


Team Rolfes is a digital performance and image studio specializing in figurative animation, VR and mixed-reality collage. Inspired by their roots in traditional art, Team Rolfes starts every project planted in reality, whether directly through photography or translated through improvised motion capture, and grows the ideas into theatrical and heavily-stylized worlds.

Past clients include Dior, Nike, Versace, SSENSE, Super Deluxe, Adult Swim, OWSLA and Warp Records.

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Team Rolfes are currently artists in residence at VR World NYC. Their video will be displayed on the second floor beginning August 8th.



The Four Worlds: Mark Pritchard x Jonathan Zawada

Warp Records, VR World NYC, Future Classic, and Technicolor Experience Center have partnered to present The Four Worlds, an event centered around Mark Pritchard and Jonathan Zawada’s virtual reality experience and film of the same name.


Following screenings at Sydney’s Opera House and Spazio Maiocchi in Milan, The Four Worlds was screened at VR World NYC – presented as a VR experience to the public for the first time. In The Four Worlds, each world is a microcosm of a different environment, realistically rendered but unreal in their content, somewhat fantastic but not entirely impossible, accompanied by an exquisite soundtrack by Mark Pritchard. The piece is intended to be minimal and meditative, to feel like resting at the top of a rise and taking in a landscape after a long hike. There is a tension between the music and the subtly shifting land-scapes which give them an abstract emotional charge. Minimal, passive interactivity and small changes in the environments based on real world force forces like day/night cycles, wind, temperature, touch, vibration as well as colour and texture make the environments compelling.

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Virtual reality, interactive art,
360 experiences, and games by:

Mark Pritchard and Jonathan Zawada
Mark Saab
Felt Zine

Musical performances by:

Sam Rolfes
Manapi (of Georgia)
Zoe Gitter

The opening night will start at 7 PM and end at 10PM.
Tickets are sold for $15 at the door.


Otherworldly video Installations throughout the space.

VR World presents the work of Helmut Breineder

Helmut Breineder’s animations will transform the spaces they are projected upon into otherworldly textures and events. On the main sails of the rst oor at VR World, several installations will be synchronized and work with each other to create a feeling of multiple dimensions.

Breineder’s personal work is a visually stimulating mix of vibrant colors, intriguing atmospheres, and obscure humor; it invites you to react emotionally and instinctively. Curiosity is the main force behind his creativity in the search for purpose and meaning.

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Helmut Breineder is a Berlin-based artist, art director, and motion designer, working in a variety of mediums such as animation, media installation, and projection mappings. Breineder was born in Austria in 1975. He studied multi-media arts in Salzburg, and lived in Vienna, London, and Sao Paulo before moving to Berlin.



An event created by artists Nicole Ruggiero and Terrell Davis that bridges the gap between virtual reality and fine art.


Being an eclectic mix of works from artists of all different ages and countries, the show presents a fresh and exciting look at the future of art as presented by artists who make work influenced by the internet or who heavily present online. Artists from around the world were invited to craft their own virtual reality, interactive art, 360 experience, and games to give a voice to their own online perspectives from places like NYC, Paris, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

October 20th Opening of Virtually Real will also feature performances from talented electronic musicians and VR artists like Qualiatik (NYC), Virgo (Miami), and Hercules Kenya (Atlanta). Each artist brings their own digital talents including live vocal performances, a new EP performance with VR accompaniment, and live, in-person, digital mixing INSIDE of VR!

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  • Nicole Ruggiero & Jeremy McKeheen, Michelle Cortese,
    Prashast Thapan, Calvin Pia
  • Terrell Davis
  • Molly Soda & Aquama
  • Julian Glander & Jeron Braxon
  • Ruby Gloom & Luis Roga
  • Joshua Keeney
  • Mark Sabb
  • Orson Roland
  • Prash Thapan & Yung Costonza
  • Anatasia Alpha & Vladimir Storm
  • Violeta Forest
  • Hannah Schilsky & Dr. Doppler, Riley Schmitz, Galen Bremer
  • Emma Stern



Babycastles Gallery is hosting the second night of Virtual Insanity™ at VR World NYC. Virtual Insanity™ is a series of events showcasing independent artists working with VR. The event creates a platform for exhibiting VR that is groundbreaking, abnormal, and experimentally-driven.

Virtual Insanity™ will remain installed on the mezzanine level of VR World for a month following its opening September 18th, 2017; featuring works from both editions of the show.

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Participating Artists: RAFiA, Greem Jellyfish, Paloma Dawkins, Louis Thériault-Boivin, Jónó Miló, Wolfpack
Performances by:  Danika, RAFiA, and Greem Jellyfish


4 East 34 Street

New York, NY 10016

7 Days

Sun – Mon 12 – 8pm
Tue – Sat 12-10pm